Adra Investing in Welsh

Published: Wednesday 14 January, 2009

Adra has proudly registered for Investing in Welsh - a brand new scheme by the Welsh Language Board.

The scheme provides businesses with a standard mark which shows their support for the Welsh language and their respect towards customer expectations in Wales. So far, over 130 companies have committed to meet the ten Investing in Welsh Commitments.

Investing in Welsh Commitments:


Basis of Equality
We treat Welsh and English on an equal basis, so far as is reasonable and practicable.

If we offer a multilingual service in Wales, we will ensure that Welsh is one of the languages available alongside English.


Written Communication
We welcome written enquiries in Welsh, we will reply and conduct the remainder of that correspondence in Welsh, and we will ensure that in doing so our service in Welsh is as good as our service in English.

Verbal Communication
We ensure that all our staff in Wales respond politely to Welsh language enquiries. We show that we welcome the use of Welsh by encouraging our bilingual staff to use the Working Welsh logo at work.

Public Image

We ensure that new permanent signs are bilingual. We will increase our use of Welsh on temporary signs.

Corporate Image
We will use more Welsh in our advertising and marketing in Wales. Where appropriate, we will promote our use of Welsh by using the “Investing in Welsh” logo on our bilingual advertising and marketing materials.

Workplace and Skills

Welsh Language Skills
We recognise and appreciate the ability to speak Welsh as a skill which is useful when working in Wales.

Using Welsh at Work
We welcome the use of Welsh by our staff in Wales, except in certain formal or specific situations. If we require our staff to use English only, we will explain clearly why we are doing so.


Welsh Language Policy
We will prepare a written Welsh Language Policy.

When we have a Welsh Language Policy, we will draw it to the attention of all our staff in Wales, and we will ensure that it is easily available for the public to read.

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